Tuesday, 21 August 2012

jolly hockey sticks

all huddled together to keep out the chill
the wind lashing against our very bones
called to arms by the mighty shrill
of our muscle bound gym mistress

'come on girls, it's just a little rain'
or sleet or snow or fog but really
hail stones were the worst
can feel them now pelting against
the back of my legs purple bruised
and all we had for cover
were these huge navy blue knickers
elasticated at the waist and legs

one friend even had a pocket in hers
where she used to keep her loose change
think we could have camped out in them

but there we were out in the mud
jolly hockey sticks at the ready
me center forward bullied off
one, two, three and away we'd go

tearing down that pitch we'd slip and slide
whacking that ball for all it was worth
the best was when I'd go in goal
at least I'd shin pads to cover from the cold

but after a game in that quagmire of a field
the heated steam that rose from us
and total lack of 'feel'
numb legs, numb cheeks and numb b....
was quite unreal ~
Happy Days