Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dancing Queens

dancing, jiving, ducks and dives
tucked amidst teasing petals
crooning wind dancing queens
sights for eyes preened
as Summers ready scenes enfold

I can still recall
walking hand in hand
as butterflies decorated
paths we trod
warm sands beneath our feet

so much promise
flower power reigned
that Summer of Love
where waves tickled toes
laughing hand in hand

enraptured, skipping prides emotion
massed flickering lights
hearts racing
with those butterflies
doing back flipping somersaults

and there you were
holding me tight
chasing shadows burnt grey
now flashing neon bright
revelling, but fearing cards

dealing closer to knowing
as butterflies evade fingers slipping
frozen eclipsed in drifts of time distanced
spectators of a sun dappled reed
in twisting squeezing bends but for now

we laugh, wide eyed, giving chase
to fluttering butterflies
and even in Autumn's days
of admonishing cares calmly reflects
instinctively surged to fly away

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Elephants Delight

can't wait until he turns around!
I've just sneaked up besides
hope he likes my weathered look
and doesn't laugh inside

mind you I have to wonder
who dressed me up like this
as there's nothing I like better
than to roll in watery bliss

perhaps they thought this drop of rain
would harm my delicate skin
but really who were they kidding
that joke on me's worn thin

or did they think I'd blend with the crowd
romping puddles and making a splash
but who chose this outfit in brilliant yellow
I'm someone who usually cuts quite a dash

Oh! what's that I've spotted
over there on the stall
trunk licking sticky buns
plenty there for all

and once I've finished clearing
those delectable delights
the one who dressed me in yellow
will think I look a fright

and with a bit of luck
I'll be in the shower before the night

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lavender Bunched

white laced frills lavender bunched

skies echo lilac

schematic dreams to travel

rising weaves pink and purple

subtleties of nuance

naming hearts choices

weighing conditions agonizingly

combines cultural capitals validation

double edged tapestried wafting weft

keeping thoughts locked in silence

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


merged into orange and brown
pink to purple surrounding cosmic swirl
descending massed
cumulus clouds mist
enveloping golden particles turn
views submerged plunging
forwards surged
crossing oceans and seas
developing worlds and countries
third now fourth tours
mutiplies bacillus
grows a new breed, a new death
a daring flight
evolution spins to mans
formulaic destroys in urgent
while time has created so much
never wanted fear, famine or destruct
senseless acts strike down
where lies no hope or trust

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Faery Apples

down deep down hangs in tiny bunches

faery apples decorate

magical orchards grow abundance

of butterflies and bees

breezily tasting apple peelings

plentiful endless supplies

artily crafting scarlet red fleshed

of juicy bites pulped into the heart of apple

fresh from nobbled woody stems blossomed

gathers in willow baskets weaved

faery blenders, slowly distils squeezing

auburn hair tossing

harvests fruity effervesce

bubbling energies finely tuned

wide eyed gleaming

piper sings the green grass dappling

silky violets blue perfumes strewn

dancing faery rings of love

and with wild abandon parties surge

pooling moons glossing star bright

midnight revelers roll in morning dew

then happily flies where winds do blow