Monday, 9 April 2012

Faery Call

pretty pink conch shells decorating rings

layering onto grassed daisy walls

faery dancers echo call

#NaPo 8

Faery Wishes everyone

Golden Wishes

saved from rainy days
dew dropped petals caught
pocketsful of starry rays
reaching shines afar

hugging skies of midnight blue
invites to jump on board

starlight ribbons streaming
wishes light express
and taking to the keeper
where golden wishes bless

#NaPo 7

Closest Hearts

who will stand beside me
who will be my light
who will shelter from lifes rain
and continue to be a part
some say you're with me everywhere
but I can't really know
but continue to say it always
watching you grow your back to me
you'd come to see what had changed
collar turned up high
gaberdine belted knotted waist
turned and I wondered why
cause' you still had all the knowledge
but your part had ceased to be
no longer could you have an effect
onto this world or to me
they asked me for the answers
of which I could not give
but of that you would have surely known
forged through years
of experience lived is what it was
hard graft through sweat
and grease soaked brow
many times I'm tempted
to say I'll just find out
and I know it's just right there
on the tip and the edge of my tongue
but I just can't quite reach
into that deepest darkest part
for we were two
closest hearts
where now
there beats only

#NaPo 6

Lifes Stage

breathes sharp intake gasps

faintly hearts beating stronger

fading lifes stage gone

#NaPo 5

Modesty Flames

whispering rumours
turning heads in crowds
while hearts stall
bringing it down
passions melting
modesty flames
performing time
comes alive

ostrich feathered fans
tools for playing out painful losses gained
reaches fever pitched deep
unfolds a beating tale
bares all
blasting through tightly closed doors
in spiky keeler heels
comes alive

breathes a brand new walk
shaking struts her stuff
far out of town
leaving speeches
clear she'd ventured out
short skirted shades
gathered waist
black ribboning satin tied
smoking curls spotlight shod
comes alive

shimmying thigh booted legs
rose high kicking tables flamed in passion
charged emotion claiming
gloves stripped
velvet handed favours
straddled chairs bone corsetted
ignites stringed horns burn
smothing grooves turned up slow
marked souls imaged to go
came alive

#NaPo 4

Carefree Days

family parties
spilling onto grassy paths
piano playing

all having a laugh
singing songs sipping tall drinks
eating cheese on sticks

couples in courtship
strolling through parks 'walking out'
chaperone behind

ribboned easter hats
cotton frocks tied in florals
breathing crisp fresh air

ankle socked sandals
long hot summers stretching hours
legs tanning berry brown

kicking through leaf mounds
wind teased shaken loose fly free
hair blowing giggles

deep snow frozen ice
sliding down slopes on trays
rushing quickly speeds

those light carefree days
captured mindful memories
pouring treasured troves

#NaPo 3

Twisting Infinity

followed widening forest path

saw youths fashioning reed

twisting infinity

NaPo #2

Happy Spring weekend wishes everyone x x

Hot Salsa

grooves notching passions

hot dancing spirited beat

salsa spinning twirls

NaPo #1