Sunday, 24 July 2011

SHoe Preme

There was once a young lady from Claw
who lived in a cupboard where stored
all of her shoes but many in blues
as that was her fave color of all
Each day at the start
she explored her way through
so she could find for herself
just the right shoe
Maybe in red or perhaps in green
even in yellow. No! she would'nt be seen
always she'd return to her Shoe, Shoe Preme
a number in blue the crop of the cream.
SUnday Silly ~
pub ~ dVerse

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pub Grub ~ Drinks in Blue

we'd chop up the onions
and slice up the cheese
cut through the cobs
crisp as you please
lashings of butter
thickly laid
soft fresh bread
newly made
the smell lingers still
as we piled them up high
for customers
to try
so along with my cobs
and perhaps a crisp or two
I'd like to raise a toast to all of you
with drinks in blue
cheers !!!
(c) Libithina

for dVerse Poets
new beginnings ~ at the pub

Magic of the Faerie Queen

See how slowly she moves
catching at heady rose and musk perfume
nectar delights her gossamered fleur
natures framed
hearts to care
whispers love, hope
and lightness of thought
rippling soft and slow
onto crystal dreams
of sacred silver lakes
sprinkled in blossoms of cherry white
for her form to grace
tracing curves of slenderest waist
and lips that plead
pulsing hearts receive
How shall I call you ?
My star guiding light
sparkling as morning dew
cupped in lush grasses
tenderest root juiced
and eagerly being
whirled, enflamed,
giddyness barely contains
urges to reach
to touch
My Angel
My All
fanning fagrances to
pathe your way
seeks to sealing
promises for all our days
Then come sparkling star
wakening sleepy fields
and rushing falls onto streams
where birds sing and call
a gown prepared of the finest
spun golden filaments
clasped in emerald
matching eyes of green
and slippers of softest moss
caressing your feet
Believing declare
no beauty to compare
Such is the Magic of the Faerie Queen.

(c) Libithina

many thanks to Rosie for the stunning image
from a wonderful collection ~ inspired by her
love of weddings ~ magical ~
and to @onestoppoetry Sunday a special thanks

Waving out to all of my friends with hugs and love